Wrightsville Beach Foundation 

Lending a Hand in the Sand

The Wrightsville Beach Foundation (formerly Wrightsville Beach Parks and Recreation Foundation) was founded in 2005 when a group of WB Parks and Recreation Advisory Board members and concerned residents identified a gap between park amenity needs and town funding. The committee obtained a non-profit status and started a membership and sponsorship drive.

Our mission statement - The Wrightsville Beach Foundation is committed to identifying and developing opportunities that will generate funds to be used to promote, improve and enhance the quality and enjoyment of Wrightsville Beach’s parks, programs and amenities.   In addition, we support educational and care giving organizations in our surrounding communities, and work with the Wrightsville Beach Parks and Recreation Committee and Town leaders to obtain these objectives.

The Town of Wrightsville Beach has been blessed with unique natural resources including the beach, park areas, the popular "Loop" and folks like you who recognize the need to preserve and enhance these resources.  The WBF's goal moving forward is to partner with the WB Parks and Recreation Committee and Town Leaders to support the future needs and wants of our residents.  

How the WBF has made a difference:

WB Farmers' Market * Taste of Wrightsville Beach * Jeremy Owens Jr. Lifeguard Program * WB Employee Emergency Fund(after Hurricane Florence) * Harbor Island Garden Club Water Feature *  Water Bottle Refilling and Recycling Stations *  Bicycle Racks * Tennis Court Shelter, Benches, and Wind Screens *  Kayak for WB Elementary School *  Canopy Lighting at Drawbridge *  Christmas Lights Show at WB Entry *  Eagle Scout Project Support *  Family Movie Night and Concerts In the Park *  Gaga Ball Pit *  Pickleball Courts & Nets *  Santa Claus on Christmas Eve * Weekend Meals on Wheels including Christmas Day *  WB Ocean Rescue Calendar  * WBPD Recreational and Benevolent Association * Jeremy Owens Strength & Conditioning Center * 
And much, much more!